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AMMOSEXUAL Patch (Gen 2 - Mod 1)

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Image of AMMOSEXUAL Patch (Gen 2 - Mod 1)
  • Image of AMMOSEXUAL Patch (Gen 2 - Mod 1)
  • Image of AMMOSEXUAL Patch (Gen 2 - Mod 1)
  • Image of AMMOSEXUAL Patch (Gen 2 - Mod 1)

Show your ammo-pride loud and proud with this Gen2 Mod 1 embroidered #AMMOSEXUAL Morale Patch, which is an updated design from the original AMMOSEXUAL patch series.

This patch is designed after a .50 cal round of ammunition and is sized to the approximate size of a true round.

This patch includes a card, is not a limited edition patch and will be restocked when sold out.


[am-oh sek-shoo-uh l]


1. A term for someone who feels affection for firearms. Often an attraction to the beauty and design of the gun, but can also refer to love for the history, freedom, security, or tactile feel of the gun. Also typified by those who feel joy in being able to find and acquire ammunition to feed their firearms, especially at an affordable price.

2. Ammosexuals, like many alternative lifestyle groups, have been ruthlessly attacked by hate-filled bigots who desire the eradication of individual liberty and equality, in favor of either violent mobs, might-makes-right, or tyrant kings.

3. Fearing violence and protests, most ammosexuals are forced to hide their biological affection from vocal and violent prejudice. Ammosexuals are frequently the target of anti-freedom laws and politicians, and are currently denied many freedoms granted to other minority groups in most nations. (Urban Dictionary)

Patch is sized 5.45" x 0.75"