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Blue Blood v1

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Being part of the Law Enforcement community is more than a job. It becomes a lot of who you are, how you act and how you view the world. Being a LEO becomes ingrained in every fiber of your being. Those who you work with are not mearly co-workers, they are your brothers and sisters, your family. You do not have to be part of a generation of LEO's to become a Blue Blood, rather you become one when you swear to uphold what is right and just and to protect and defend those who stand beside you.

This patch is the first in a series that are not solely for those who have pinned on the badge, but for those who support the badge as well. The badge and those who wear it are a tool of society to ensure the safety and freedom of the public they serve. Those in society who wholeheartedly support Law Enforcement are an absolute necessity to successfully accomplish the mission and thus should be considered part of the family as well.

This Version 1 embroidered patch will be a limited edition run of 100 and will include a serial numbered card.