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ZERO7ONE Logo v1

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Image of ZERO7ONE Logo v1
  • Image of ZERO7ONE Logo v1
  • Image of ZERO7ONE Logo v1
  • Image of ZERO7ONE Logo v1

The backstory: Sometime during the summer of 2007 I was introduced to the forum, Weapon Evolution (WEVO), by a co-worker who was also a law enforcement officer and a co-owner of WEVO. I was urged to join the forum, which I gladly did. The hardest part at that time was deciding on a name to use online. At first I was going to use my call sign from my team in Iraq, "Boogeyman", but opted against that name, in particular because it did not have a uniqueness to it and now I realize it doesn't sound as good as "Babayaga". Struggling to find a name that would not be confused with anyone else, I glanced down and saw my badge number written down, "071". I found something that was different and meaningful to me and changed up the spelling of it and came up with "ZERO7ONE" in the end.

At the same time I transitioned my passion for photography that I started in 1994 into photographing weapons and accessories for the tactical industry where I currently work part-time aside from my full-time law enforcement profession.

Since 2007, the ZERO7ONE logo has had multiple variations. The latest logo is a mixture of the face of an AR-15 bolt and the aperture of a camera's lens. This logo shows the combination of firearms and photography, which embodies what the ZERO7ONE brand is all about.

The first version of this patch is basic and simple. Much like the beginnings of where the ZERO7ONE brand started. The main logo portion of this patch is red, which is commonly associated with firearms and firearms instructors.

This Version 1 embroidered patch will be a limited edition run of 100 and will include a serial numbered card.